Launa Romoff

Launa D. Romoff has been working with mixed media/collage since 1997. 

Her work has been widely shown in California and also exhibited in Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, New York, Oregon and Tennessee as well as in Mexico City and Wimbleton, England.

In 2003 her artist profile was featured in World of Art  magazine and in 100 Contemporary Artists -Masters of Today Series. Her collage images and an essay about her artistic philosophy and process received an 8-page feature in Masters: Collage, published by Lark Books in 2010.

She received a grant from the Capelli d'Angeli Foundation in 2006 and is included various individual and private collections such as The Peace Project, Children's Bureau and Tower Cancer Research Foundation in Los Angeles and the International Museum of Collage and Assemblage in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. In addition, you can see many of her pieces in films and television. And best of all, you can buy it here at