Tamara Khachatrian


Tamara Khachatrian was born in Armenia, Yerevan. She graduated from Terlemezian college of Fine Art,  the one and only highly respectable art school in Armenia.  She graduated with honors and awards and started teaching art right after graduation.  Tamara always had a heart of a true artist and started painting and joined the Union of Artists USSR-Moscow Russia.  Through the association, she participated in exhibitions all around Russia.  Her traditional and contemporary methods became recognized and she was announced as one of the best female artist of Armenia.  After many exhibitions she earned the membership at the Union of Artists of Armenia and Board of Directors of the Union of Artists of Armenia and Russia.  

Tamara and her family immigrated to the United States of America in 1998 and since then she has been exhibiting from Los Angles to Las Vegas and New York.  One of her most successful exhibitions was the 2005 Art Expo of New York where she sold out the third day of the exhibition.  In 1999 there was an exhibition organized presenting her art from beginning to current, after which, a full page article was published in various Armenian newspapers.  “Noror” and “Norkiank”.  Profession Rasmik Modoyan writes:

“I surprisingly noticed that Tamara’s objects of muse and fascination are women.  Women’s love and she captures the beauty of the eyes and the body of women.  The endless union of men and women and their inseparable existence.  Women, mothers of course.  However, Tamara’s interpretations of women are as sufferers and slaves of love, and within their eyes the endless sorrow of love is clearly noticed, and maybe the need for desire.  Khachatrian has related her own philosophy.  Another weakness she has are flowers,  just as women are the flowers and the jewels of humanity, flowers are the jewels of nature.” 

Tamara was announced as one of the top female Armenian artists on Armenian television in 1999.  In 2004 she was invited to various exhibitions in Las Vegas and was in a gallery in Bellagio for years.  In 2009 she was invited to Paris where she had numerous exhibitions for couple of years and returned to the States currently living in Los Angeles.