Rajiv Khilnani
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Acrylic on Canvas 

36" x 24" 

I decided to name this painting "OZARK" because I can truly state that I was inspired to paint a bluish painting, with a watery feel to it, after watching the first season of the popular TV show  Ozark. There are a couple of scene, in multiple episodes, that are shot near a lake. There was one particular scene that got my imagination going, the byproduct of which is this painting. 
I have added hints of Silver color to the painting to represent the gleam that you see on the water surface when sun light hits the water at a certain angle. Tints of Orange are a representation of sunlight. 

The details, motifs and design patterns added to this painting are inspired by the intricate details you see in the finest Asian Architecture. After seeing more of my works, you will realize that I have tried to merge the eastern and western influences in my paintings to create my own bold and unique style.